The Maureen Hartigan Legacy Circle is an exceptional group of individuals who provide a legacy gift to the WPFF, supporting its mission to empower women and girls to achieve their educational, professional and leadership dreams.  Named after the first woman to bequeath a gift to WPF, the Maureen Hartigan Legacy Circle was created to inspire others to do likewise.

Maureen Hartigan  was a member of the Women’s Professional Forum until her death in 2014. She served as our Foundation President in 2007 and 2008.  A smart and talented professional, Maureen was a pioneering risk-taker with a generous heart. She demonstrated courage, compassion and confidence and encouraged these traits in others. As an outspoken champion with a knack for recognizing the strengths in other women, Maureen embodied a willingness to support the advancement of others.   From her volunteer activities to providing for WPF in her estate, Maureen led by example. In joining the Maureen Hartigan Legacy Circle, you are continuing a distinguished legacy of caring.