WPF is incorporated and is governed by the Board of Directors who volunteer to serve as Officers and Members. WPF Officers include the President, President-elect, First vice President, Second Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. Board Member positions include Immediate Past President, two Directors at Large, Membership Committee Chair, Programs Committee chair, and WPF Foundation President. There are a total of 12 Board of Directors.

Each year, Board Members are nominated in November and elected by membership at the WPF Annual Meeting in December.

Board Member Responsibilities

President: Serves as CEO and representative of WPF to the public. This position appoints one member to the Membership Committee, Nominating Committee, and Programs Committee.

President Elect: Represents CEO during any Board meeting absences and audits quarterly financials from the Treasurer.

First Vice President: Reports to the Board on all areas of member relations and Chairs our annual Holiday Bazaar in November.

Second Vice President: Reports to the Board on all areas of communication, manages formation and continuation of Special Interest Groups, and serves on the Holiday Bazaar Committee.

Secretary: Review and distributes minutes of all Board and special meetings as well as document any changes to organizational policies, duties, or documents.

Treasurer: Oversee collection and disbursement of all organizational funds, prepare all financial statements, and report on financial health of the organization.

Immediate Past President: Chair the Nominating Committee and oversee the development, presentation, and voting process for annual Board Member elections.

Directors at Large (two positions): Manage annual Small Group Dinners, Summer Social, 4-Minute Specials, and monthly meeting greeters.

Membership Chair: Maintain official Membership Database, New Member Applications and approval by Board, present new members to the membership.

Programs Committee Chair: Recruit and secure speakers for monthly meetings, welcome and host speakers, assign members to introduce monthly speakers.

WPF Foundation President: Serve as liaison from the Board to the Foundation, report on Foundation activities to the Board, present slate of Foundation nominees for election, and serve on Holiday Bazaar Committee.