How many times have you or a friend had a need or interest and wondered something like this about a fellow WPFer, “Well, I know she’s a (lawyer, doctor, banker, tech guru, performer, realtor, insert career here), but I wonder does she do this?” To help create more awareness about “hidden” skills and passions in WPF, a few of your fellow members are creating a new SIG affectionately named SALLE, which is short for Supporting All Local Lady Entrepreneurs.

SALLE’s purpose is to create an opportunity for WPF members who are enthusiastic business owners, entrepreneurs and/or passionate hobbyists to rally, cheerlead and support each other’s business or personal interest endeavors. In addition to increasing communication and awareness among fellow WPFers, this new SIG also provides a peer mentorship opportunity for all its members to share ideas, experience and camaraderie.

WPF members who opt in via the new SALLE Facebook page linked to the existing WPF page (thanks, Princess!) are encouraged to share information about their activities that might be of interest to other WPF members who would like to support their efforts. For example, if a member wants to announce an upcoming non-WPF seminar or event, she can post an invitation in SALLE’s Facebook page. By opting into the Facebook page:, WPF members are indicating they want to receive information being shared through this forum.


Join us for SALLE’s kickoff and ideation session over lunch on Tuesday, Feb 27 at Sue Hunt’s office located downtown. Our goal is to gather all who are interested in supporting each other’s ventures and start brainstorming on how to most effectively get started! If you want in, but can’t join us for lunch, let us know and we’ll keep you posted on what’s next.

SALLE’S Kickoff Lunch

Tuesday, Feb 27, 12-1pm

501 Simpson St, GSO



Questions? Contact Sue Hunt –, Princess Johnson,, Julie Luther, or Christie Soper