Membership is by invitation only.

WPF members are full-time upper management executives, licensed or degreed professionals, business owners, and elected or appointed public officials who reside or work in the greater Greensboro area. Members are required to have a minimum of two years’ experience in their fields of work or in a related field.

Members of WPF enjoy attending monthly 90-minute luncheon meetings, developing friendships, exchanging ideas, exploring business opportunities, learning more about their community, and contributing to the development of girls who aspire to become tomorrow’s professional women.

Requirements of Membership

  • Be a full-time upper management executive, licensed or degreed professional, business owner, or an elected/appointed public official who resides or works in the greater Greensboro area
  • A minimum of 2 years experience in your field of work or related field
  • Be sponsored by three WPF members
  • Attend three luncheon meetings (one with each sponsor) during the twelve months prior to application
  • Complete the membership application including references from each sponsor
  • Pay the annual dues, which include fees for the monthly luncheons

More Information

WPF membership is currently full and no new applications are being accepted.

When memberships are available, WPF will accept new members once during the year. (The application period will be announced when available.)

Please note that Active WPF members may sponsor up to 2 new members per year. Emeritus members may co-sponsor up to 2 new members per year. New members may serve as a sponsor after 12 months of membership.

Want More Information?

For further information, contact our membership chair Susan Russell.