The Quilt

A message from WPF President, Amy Baradell

Spring is on its way! The days are getting warmer and longer! Covid numbers are coming down. It is an exciting time to be a WPF sister. As I think of this group of women, I think of the women in our past. The many hurdles they had to overcome. How did they manage their daily lives? How did they stay connected?

I began sewing at a young age and in my early twenties a related interest developed, quilting. It was the early 80’s and country curtains were the rage, mauve and seafoam green were the go-to color palette, and quilts completed the look.  I loved to sew and could sew for hours on end. Early in learning about the quilting process, however, I began to realize the vast number of hours involved in making a quilt. I concluded that if your goal was to own a quilt, you should buy one. If, however, you did want to make one it should be more about enjoying the process, than having a quilt.  Historically quilts were made to meet two needs: warmth and creativity. Starting in the early 1800s, they met another need, community. Women started working together in the quilt making process.  Usually, one person would make the quilt top, then a group would meet to quilt the layers together.  These “quilting bees” were about much more than making a quilt. It was a time for women to share their lives. They lived through the stages of their lives around the quilting frame.  Quilting bees were the opportunity to share news, exchange idea, learn from and support each other. The quilting bee was a way for women to stay connected.

The WPF community is a 21st century quilting bee.  We each come with an individual quilt top. It has its own experiences, preferences, opinions, abilities, and limitations. As we bring our great diversity of quilt tops to this group and as we do life together, the layers of the quilt are sewn together. We have many long-time members who began WPF as working moms with small children who are now active retired and emeritus members. They have been coming to the quilting bee for many years. I think of Maureen Hartigan, a long time WPF member who passed away in 2014.  During the short time I knew her, she put a few stitches in my quilt and I put a few in hers. At WPF we have the opportunity to pull up a chair and put a few stitches into someone’s quilt by listening, encouraging, and sharing life lessons. Not everyone uses the same stitch or goes at the same speed.  At some meetings we may have lots to say; at others we are quiet and listen. Our quilting bees happen at our monthly lunch meetings. They happen as we get together in our special interests’ groups. As we send cards, take food to one another, and visit at times of illness or family loss, we are adding a few more stitches. It’s just another way we have each other’s backs. I’m sure some new stitches will be added as many of us head up to Blowing Rock for Wild Women later this month. We are excited that we will have a new member class in 2022 and look forward welcoming them to this 21st Century quilting bee.

Click here to learn more quilting bees and how women used quilts politically, artistically, and for community.

PS: Wear your green to our luncheon in celebration of our beloved former member, Maureen Hartigan!

MARCH MEETING … March  9, 2021 … In person & on Zoom

Multidirectional Solutions to Support Survivors with Catherine Johnson

Catherine Johnson is the first Director of the Guilford County Family Justice Center (FJC), a public safety initiative through Guilford County designed to bring professionals together under one roof to provide coordinated collaborative services to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, child maltreatment, and elder abuse. Catherine has over ten years of experience working with survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault and previously worked as the Director of Crisis Intervention Services for Family Services of Davidson County. 

Catherine is a licensed marriage and family therapist in North Carolina and received her master’s degree from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Under her leadership, the FJC has served over 55,000 individuals since opening in June 2015 and has expanded to include two locations. In addition, Guilford County has been recognized at the local and national level for its successful collaborative efforts. Catherine’s professional career has been dedicated to working with families impacted by violence and abuse. Her current focus is on developing strategies for creating systemic change to reduce violence and empower survivors. 

Catherine has been awarded the Outstanding Practitioner of the Year Award for the North Carolina Association of Marriage and Family Therapist, Early Career Award from UNCG’s School of Education, Outstanding Women in Business Award from the Triad Business Journal, and in 2016 was named the Greensboro News and Record’s Rising Star.

Catherine is married to Brooks Johnson, a hospital chaplain in High Point, and together they have two children, Clara Beth and Hill.


April 13, 2022

Colonel Eileen Collins, the first American woman to command a space mission will be joining us by Zoom and her co-author, Jonathan Ward – a local expert on the space program – will be in person.

Get your signed copy of the book from Programs Committee Chair Ronnie Grabon ( if you’d like to read the book in advance!


Walking with Gratitude: Ronnie Grabon

“Grandma, please don’t wear your buffalo shoes.” I am 11 years old and my 8-year-old sister is complaining because Grandma is wearing her walking shoes. In her trusty Clarks Grandma could indeed walk our feet off. I stay quiet.  I walk with my family.

I’m a bit older and at Girl Scout camp. We are hiking in the cool dark woods. There is something about green, pine needles underfoot, the fresh smell, the way the air warms and cools, the lake nearby. I walk with my troop.

I am a native New Yorker, we walk everywhere. Oh, this city: the sights, sounds, smells – ugh, yum, what’s that? Miles and miles, never tiring of the changing venues, parks, restaurants, stores. I could walk forever. Working in NYC, the same path for over 10 years and never the same landscape, always at least one set of scaffolding helping recreate the ever-changing profile of the city. I walk to work.

North Carolina, a working single mom, can I ever do it all? No, but I can go for a walk. The 3-mile path at the end of the block sees my feet every day. I can’t do it all, but after a walk I can do some of it. On really bad days, the kids beg me to go for a walk. By myself! I walk for my sanity (and theirs).

Friendships, aging, gains and losses, a seemingly ever-increasing pace. We need to process, laugh, cry, scream and work off enough calories to earn that glass of wine. Walking is our secret. Fast, slow, 1 mile or 6, it doesn’t matter. We hope to be doing this in 20 years. It’s our life line.

Hiking, with more time, 1 or 2 or 3 miles is not enough. I join a hiking group that goes far, and high. 7 miles, 10 miles, can I do 15? Yes! I crave what for me is the long haul. The woods never changing, ever changing. The gorge that drops below me is so green, and there are at least 6 more switchbacks ahead. Coming down is going to feel so good!

Traveling – what better way to learn a city than by feeling it through your feet. 30,000 steps a day in Copenhagen is my personal best. Even in work walking is a component, as I and my coaching clients have talked about the benefits of walking and walking meetings. It’s amazing what you can accomplish shoulder to shoulder with someone.

Speaking of standing next to someone, the most important walk I have taken recently is down the aisle. After 24 years of being single, I remarried in September. Family, friends, work, travel, community and now a husband loom large in my life. I am grateful to have these fellow travelers with me as I continue to walk.

Update from Jody Susong

Membership Committee Chair

We are so excited to announce that applications for new members will be accepted until June 1st.  The updated application can be found on the WPF website.  We look forward to getting your applications and sponsorship forms.

Just a reminder that prospective members will attend a WPF luncheon meeting with each of her sponsors for a total of 3 meetings prior to her application.

Please let me know if you are planning on sponsoring a candidate this year.  This will be helpful in the planning process for the Membership Committee.  And I would love the opportunity to meet them at one of our meetings.      

We are so glad to be back in person with our meetings and able to connect with our WPF sisters.  It’s so nice to greet old friends that you have only seen on Zoom for quite a while.  Just a reminder that according to our Policies and Procedures, Active members need to attend 50% of our regularly scheduled meetings.

I can be contacted at or 336-689-5297.  I look forward to seeing you at the March meeting!


Holiday Bazaar

The 2021 bazaar raised $6,274 for the WPF Foundation! It’s time to begin planning for the 2022 bazaar to be held November 9. The planning committee will meet monthly starting in March.

If you are interested in being part of this important event, please call or email Dede Potter or 336-655-1734. There are many ways to help, and a variety of skills and experience are needed!

WPF FOUNDATION NEWS: Do Small Gifts Matter? Why, YES!

A Message from Jean Pudlo, WPFF President Jean Pudlo

Last month the WPF Foundation board was reviewing the notes from the small dinner discussions last fall. Thank you for your input, your ideas and…. your questions!  From time to time, I’ll try to answer some of those.

Someone asked if small gifts to the Foundation matter, and the answer is YES.  Each and every gift to the foundation, whether $1000 or $25, helps to build the momentum as we increase our giving each year.  One of the things that is powerful about this Foundation is that hundreds of members, over decades, have contributed.  With your contribution of any size, you are part of this.

Our fund has increased steadily.  Do bigger gifts help us grow faster? Absolutely.  But each gift combines with many others to build this contribution to the community that is uniquely WPF.  It is of us, from us, and there to serve women and girls for many years to come.

When you consider a gift to the Foundation, and I hope you will sometime this year, give the gift you can.  Maybe later you might consider a gift in honor of someone special – whether in or out of WPF membership.  There may be a year where a gift is more difficult.  There also may be a year when it is easier.  Remember the impact that WPFF has in our community and give what you can, when you can.

We probably don’t say thank you enough.  But we are grateful for every donation.

GRANTS: Our grants committee is getting down to business reviewing 33 grant proposals!  As best we can tell that is a record, so they have their work cut out for them.  Thanks to Robin Hager for leading the way, and for Jennifer Mencarini for co-chairing the committee this year.

Special Interest Group Upcoming Events


Tuesday, March 15 @ 6:00 PM
The Undercurrent – 327 Battleground Ave

Cheers to the luck of the Irish!  Come celebrate with your fellow sisters.  Kim Trone and Margaret Bertrand will be our hostesses.  $20 cover for appetizers.  Space is limited!  Please RSVP to Kim Trone at 336 707-2136.





Tuesday, March 15 @ 4:00 PM
Winestyles at Friendly Center

Join the Working Moms for afternoon drinks as we gather to support each other.

Please RSVP to Marlee at or 336-235-1596.


Thursday, March 17
Dinner Meeting – Check your email for details!

We are planning a trip to New York City in May.  We usually do this trip in conjunction with the Books and Arts SIG, so if you are a member of that group and want to go, please contact Peggy Ward,  We also open up the trip to all members of WPF, so please contact Peggy Ward if you are interested.





Tuesday, March 22 @ 6:30 PM
WineStyles at Friendly Center

\Hello Sister Whine Divas! We are tasting Italian wines in March!  Weather permitting, will sit outside for our educational tasting presented by Pete Denning with American Premium Beverage. We are limited to 15 people. Please RSVP Lorri at Cost is $25 per person. Hope to see you there!


March 25-27

This trip is currently full.  If you would like to be added to the waiting list, please email Mebane Ham at



Wednesday, March 30 @ 6:30 PM
Gia: Eat. Drink. Listen
1941 New Garden Rd. Ste 208

We got the year off to a great start in January! We met at Lucky 32 and had a blast catching up and planning for the year. Please join host Dee Blake in March for Dining Out at Gia’s. We have gone to Gia’s for wine and cocktails, but they have an amazing menu of entrees and tapas. We will fill up fast, so don’t delay in sending your RSVP to Amy Meinecke at


Wednesday, April 6 @ 12:00 PM on Zoom

WPF’s very own Nancy Radtke will be our speaker. Join us for her presentation, “Building Wealth and Real Estate.” Topics will include real estate market trends and a discussion of real estate investment strategies. Please RSVP to Cecelia Anderson ( and she’ll send you the Zoom info.

Financial Divas meet to discuss all things financial with a different topic/speaker each meeting. Join us to expand your fiscal knowledge and to discuss your money and invested related questions. All are welcome and we are always looking for speakers. Please contact Cecelia Anderson ( if you’re not already on the email list or if you are interested in being a speaker.


This new SIG is getting off to a great start! Please stay tuned for upcoming opportunities to volunteer together. Also, please email Amy at or Jody at with any new ideas for places we can serve.  Thank you!


H20 Exhibit
Date & Time TBD

Seven NC artists will display large installations and other works during “H2O,” an exhibition at the GreenHill Center for North Carolina Art that raises ecological awareness through art.

Be on the lookout for a date that WPF Books & Arts announces to join in on one of the demonstrations.  The exhibition will run from March 5 through June 25 at the GreenHill Center which is in the Greensboro Cultural Center at 200 N.Davie St., Greensboro.

“Exhibiting artists explore converging disciplines of art and science to innovate solutions, raise awareness, and re-think the roles we all can play to create a better tomorrow,” -Barbara Richter

Contact Nancy Radtke at for more information.


Remember to wear green to our monthly meeting