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A message from WPF Foundation President, Jean Pudlo

This past week, as the WPF Foundation considered it’s 2021 round of grants, one couldn’t help but look back on 2020. Times were hard for everyone.  We had to make major adjustments to our schedules, our ways of shopping for necessities, how we interacted and in particular, how we worked and what work we did.

As restrictions on our movement ease, we start to look forward to returning to a more “ordinary time.” I’ve got a west coast trip scheduled to see the grandkids! Yay!  My consulting work has picked up as agencies are figuring out what comes next and what kind of help they need.  My husband has recently retired, which brings a whole other realm of change to what is ordinary in our lives. (Thankfully he vacuums and sometimes cooks!)

For many of the women and girls served by the Foundation, the former “ordinary time” was not where they want to be.  WPF Foundation was founded to empower women and girls.  To help them get past obstacles to success. To build resilience.

And that’s what this year’s grantee programs aim to do.  To help women understand and move past the trauma or restrictions of their past.  To help them become financially able to support themselves and their families. To help give them the tools to build the lives they wish.  We will announce these grantees at our May 12 meeting, and I look forward to “seeing“ you there, if not yet giving you a handshake or a hug! 

A large part of our May meeting will be learning about the projects and programs we supported last year.  We’ll hear how these resilient organizations worked to serve their participants amid changing circumstances: We’ll hear from Cindy at Boundless Impact, Alana who founded I Am A Queen, Tommy on Communities in School’s WHERE project, Erika on how Anytown (NCCJ) pivoted to meet their mission in a different way, and from Heidi about keeping Girls Who Code going.

The Foundation is only able to do its work because of the continuing generosity of you, our members.  Thank you for your support which has allowed important change to happen in the lives of women and girls in our community.  Our endowment has surpassed a half million dollars!  I’m sure that seemed like a far-off dream for the Foundation’s founders 37 years ago.  But it is here and making a difference thanks to you.

See you May 12!

Women's Professional Forum Foundation, Inc.

MAY MEETING …May 12, 2021 on ZOOM

Together We Are Empowered!

It’s Foundation month at WPF! At our May meeting, we’ll get an update on the work of our Foundation, including messages from our 2020 grantees and the many ways we empowered women and girls despite the challenges of organizational shut downs, working and schooling from home, social distancing, mask-wearing, and all things COVID that turned our worlds upside down over the last 14 months. Our innovative grantees persevered to carry forth their work, serve the community, and empower women and girls in our community.

We’ll also hear about our 2021 grantees and learn how our efforts will continue to move our mission forward in Guilford County. Don’t miss this great opportunity to see first hand our efforts, through the WPF Foundation, to develop our future women leaders and entrepreneurs.

4-Minute Special: SUE PEDALINE



I recently had the opportunity to reflect on my journey in leadership and I realized that my journey has everything to do with the family in which I was born.  I am the seventh of eleven children and grew up in a small town north of Pittsburgh.  My dad was a foreman in the steel mill and my mom a stay-at-home mom that ruled the roost.

When you are one of eleven you learn valuable life lessons that can influence how one leads. First of all, you learn that it is most certainly not all about you.  There are ten other people around to ensure your humility!  You also learn the value of collaboration and sharing.  The penalty for not sharing is being left out and left without.  Collaboration means fun and accomplishment.

You learn to pull your own weight, to do your part and to participate in the greater good. We all had “jobs” to do to keep the household running, and would readily help each other so we could all go outside and play.  You learn how to take care of others: the ‘big guys’ took care of the ‘little guys’ and showed them the way. I distinctly remember my brother helping me perfect L-M-N-O-P when I was learning the ABCs.

You also learn negotiation and diplomacy to find your place, to get your turn, to earn a privilege. And you learn how to make your voice be heard and to be listened to: not by screaming but being thoughtful and careful in your communication.

All of these lessons and more informed my career as a nurse and have guided my steps as a nurse leader. As the Chief Nursing Officer for Cone Health’s Women’s & Children’s Center and Moses Cone Hospital, I can look to my seven brothers and three sisters and our parents to know that they truly shaped my career and I am forever grateful to each of them.


Blowing Rock – July 22-25, 2021

The tradition continues! We’ll make the trek to Blowing Rock which coincides with the Blowing Rock House Tour and the Chetola Symphony on the Lawn. We learned last year that we can have a great time without the home tour or concert but we expect we’ll have the option this year to enjoy those activities.

Our booked accommodations are filled with 11 signed up; we have 3 on our wait list and need at least 3 more to rent an additional property. If you would like to go, notify Kris Landrum immediately, as rentals are in short supply.

Cost will be around $230/each for housing (shared rooms but no one sharing a bed smaller than a king). If you want to be part of this adventure, centered on time with girlfriends, hiking, shopping, eating, drinking, and possibly home tours or a concert, please contact Kris Landrum, at ASAP.

Special Interest Group Upcoming Events


June 12 Kickoff @ 9:00am
2021 Habitat Greensboro Women Build

A HUGE thank you to all of you that signed up to help build, to those that provided financial support and to all of you that offered encouragement! Each and every one of you are amazing and generous women who are so supportive of our community in many ways. THANK YOU!

The fun is about to begin! The Women Build kickoff is Saturday June 12th at 9:00 a.m. Please join us to show your support for this project and for our Team WPF. No tools or labor required for the kickoff, just your presence. If you would like more information about the young women we are helping, go to


I See You with Mr. Lyndon Rego
Tuesday, May 18 @ 6:30pm via Zoom

We are honored to have Mr. Lyndon Rego of CoMetta as our guest presenter for our May Zoom event. Lyndon facilitates groups on issues at the intersection of social innovation, complexity, and leadership. He will lead a participative, structured conversation called, “I See You” which is designed to allow us to share our stories and perspectives to build empathy and understanding among ourselves and our community. Thanks to Ronnie Grabon for introducing us to Lyndon. We hope you will join us.

The month of May holds so many reasons to celebrate and raise awareness on issues impacting our communities. From heritage (Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage, Jewish American Heritage, Haitian Heritage), to religious commemoration (Ramadan), to empowerment (Foster Care Awareness) to health (Mental Health Awareness), and more! Take time to become more familiar with your WPF sisters for whom this month is especially important.

As always, be in touch with any questions and ideas: Nicole Hayes, Terri Harris, Rebecca BenGideon


Tequila Mockingbird
Tuesday, May 18 @ 6:00pm
Dee Blake’s home
22 Checkerberry Square, Greensboro NC 27455

It’s time for Margaritaville!  Join us at host Dee Blake’s home for a “Tequila Mockingbird” (“It’s a sin to kill a Mockingbird, but not to shoot a Tequila!”).  The question this month is: on the rocks or frozen?  Cost is $15.  Please RSVP ASAP to Kim Trone, 336 707-2136 or


Estate Planning: All You Need to Know
Wednesday, May 19, 2021 @ Noon via Zoom

Please join us for our upcoming meeting! WPF’s very own Sue Hunt will be discussing all you need to know about Estate Planning. Please email Cecelia Anderson ( to attend. If you or someone you know would like the opportunity to present at one of the Financial Divas SIG meetings, please reach out to Cecelia. The purpose of our SIG is to provide the opportunity for education and discussion of financial matters.


Quarterly Business Meeting
Thursday, May 20, 2021 @ 6:00pm via Zoom

We will review the companies in our portfolio and make any necessary changes.  Please plan to attend as it is always a lively and informative discussion.  A Zoom invitation will be sent to members prior to the meeting so mark your calendars.  See you on May 20th! Please contact Peggy Ward at if you would like more information.


Walk the Downtown Greenway!
Saturday, May 22 @ 11am … Loft Park

Join us to walk the Downtown Greenway. It’s a 4 mile walk around downtown Greensboro to see the public art displays along the way. We will meet up at Loft Park at the corner of Smith and Eugene Streets. We can meet back at Joymongers afterwards.  Email Nancy Radtke at to sign up. 


Tuesday, March 23 @ 7:30pm via Zoom
Tuesday, May 25 @ 4pm, 1618 Midtown

We are excited to meet for lunch in person again! We had a great time connecting in April and planning the next few months of gatherings.

Will kick off the summer with Rose Slushies at 1618 Midtown this month to discuss the importance of “self-care” and our mental health. And we do not mean, a facial, although that sounds so nice.  We are excited to have licensed therapist Jena Plummer, owner of Little Seed Counseling, join us to discuss this topic and ways to ensure we are taking good care of our mind and spirit, allowing us to live the full and meaningful life we deserve.

To RSVP to this session email Marlee will also send you a calendar invite with details about the SIG meeting.


Patio Dining at Jane Hewitt’s home
Wednesday, May 26 @ 6:30pm
6 Ashton Square, Greensboro NC 27408

Jane Hewitt will be hosting this month’s Dining Out on her beautiful patio. Food will be from Chez Genese. We will purchase “Family Dinners” that include Seared Salmon, marinated sweet potato salad and green salad. We will also have a variety of quiche and other delicious options. If you are interested in attending, please RSVP to Amy Meinecke at ASAP as this evening will fill up fast! I will provide more details to those that sign up.  Cost is $20-$25/person and space is limited to 15 attendees.


Anxious People by Frederik Backman
Tuesday, June 1 @ 7pm – Kris Landrum’s
704 Plummer Drive, Greensboro NC 27410

Join us for an in-person meeting and book discussion. A poignant charming novel about a crime that never took place, a would-be bank robber who disappears into thin air, and eight extremely anxious strangers who find they have more in common than they ever imagined. Please RSVP to leader Kris Landrum at 336-209-2420 or