WPF President

The Women's Professional Forum began in 1977 by a small group of professional women who were looking for a sense of friendship, community, and support from like-minded women. WPF members are women who serve their community in leadership roles and who enjoy sharing their talents and experiences. WPF upholds a standard of excellence, promotes leadership, recognizes members' achievements and offers opportunities to help young women through philanthropy and other activities. Our group has flourished thanks to strong, talented and determined women. We now have around 175 members representing around 30 different occupational categories. A private "invitation only" membership organization has emerged. Women have joined for many reasons: to form friendships with other professional women, to form business connections, to find support from like-minded women, to exchange information and ideas, to share experiences with one another, to socialize and have fun together.

WPF Members Salute Maureen

The WPF Foundation was formed in 1984. We now offer grants and scholarships to young women as they begin their professional lives. This is a fulfilling way to give back to other women who are embarking on their life careers. The theme for the past several years has been "Nurturing Young Women To Be Tomorrow's Leaders." And the funds have been designated to provide programming that develops leadership abilities in girls and young women up to the age of 18. In 2012 and 2013, The Foundation began two new projects: 1). training young women to be leaders, and 2). encouraging young girls to consider science and technology as fields of study. Both are lofty goals, but the talent is within our group to accomplish these worthy endeavors. The Foundation gives WPF members an opportunity as successful women to help future generations. It is our turn to become mentors! The future generations depend upon us to give time and to give back.